Burmese Teak Furnishing

Burma Teak is the region's leading independent furnishing contract company. Burma Teak works closely with its own internal factory along with a number of leading International brands to ensure we supply the best furniture to commercial, wholesale and private clients in an efficient and professional manner. Furthermore, Burma Teak are particularly renowned for the range of its prized Burmese Teak furnishings.

A customised furnishing experience

Our team of skilled carpenters and designers give us an edge to provide special customisation of burmese teak furnitures that fulfil your furnishing requirements.

Burma Teak can cater to all requirements and budgets and can provide an advisory and interior design service to best suit your furnishing needs. We take great pride in our range of services, with quick and informative quotes, an extensive product knowledge and an experienced sales task force to assist with selection and logistics.

For further information, get in touch with our Singapore based office now at dykl@vdluxe.com



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Burma Teak specialises in providing luxurious teak furniture to boutiques and large scale commercial buildings